What's Our Deal?

Bucket Number 6 was formed in the summer of 2003 by Chicago area musicians with the common goal of bringing the best rock music of the past five decades to festivals and clubs all across Chicagoland.   The members individually have performed with other groups at various local clubs and events since the mid 80's.

Since 2003, they have performed at many of the suburb's premiere festivals and clubs.

Bucket Number 6 is:

  • Ben Schlaiss - Vocals
  • Chris Wade - Guitar + Vocals
  • Greg Carlisle - Guitar
  • Brian Kita - Drums
  • John Cygnar - Bass Guitar + Vocals

Contact Us

We are always willing to work with you to provide the perfect entertainment package for your club or private and corporate events.

You may request booking information by emailing us at:  Info@BucketNumber6.com